One Stop Crisis Management Centre

A multi-sectoral response to gender-based violence

In 2010, the Government of Nepal launched a multi-sectoral action plan to address gender-based violence (GBV). The plan called for establishing hospital-based one-stop crisis management centres (OCMCs) to provide integrated services to GBV survivors. OCMCs were designed to follow a multi-sectoral and locally coordinated approach to enable GBV survivors to access a comprehensive range of services including health care, psycho-social counselling, access to safe homes, legal protection, personal security, vocational skills training, livelihood support and rehabilitation.

Our Nepal Health Sector Support Programme team provided support to the Ministry of Health at central and district levels to strengthen leadership and the coordination of GBV services. We ensured all stakeholders felt ownership of these services and enabled effective collaboration between external development partners.

Our team played a key role in developing and rolling out:

OCMC operational guidelines;

  • Integrated National GBV Guidelines for the more coordinated delivery of services to GBV survivors;
  • a national GBV protocol for health service providers - defining the health sector response to GBV survivors at all levels of service delivery;
  • a training manual for GBV training; and,
  • a monitoring and reporting manual for GBV services.

We also supported the design of OCMCs, initially piloting them in 17 hospitals across Nepal. We have supported strong inter-agency coordination and partnership at district level to ensure OCMCs work effectively alongside other agencies involved in supporting survivors.

We have developed and delivered preventive and curative programmes on GBV, orientation and training on GBV to health workers, focal points from the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Department of Health Services and NGOs, community leaders and key decision-makers to build capacity and enhance expertise.

We have also supported the establishment of Social Service Units (SSU) to provide free health care services to poor and marginalized patients, including appropriate care for GBV survivors.

Project achievements

  • As of June 2016, 21 OCMCs are operational, providing integrated quality services to more than 6,500 GBV survivors of whom 94% are female and 6% male.
  • In September 2015, the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers provided directives to MoH to scale-up and strengthen OCMCs across the country. MoH has decided to scale-up 14 more OCMCs within 2017/18, to bring the total number of OCMCs to 35.
  • We have provided GBV and psychosocial counselling training to more than 175 health staff, GBV medico-legal training to 48 medical doctors, GBV training included in induction training to health workers and more than 2000 health staff at local level oriented on GBV.
  • SSUs have been established in 14 government referral hospitals and GBV survivors receive free health care services.


6,500 GBV survivors receiving care at 21 OCMCs

Planned scale-up of 14 more OCMCs

175 health staff trained on GBV and psychosocial counselling

14 Social Service Units established providing free health care to GBV survivors

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