Options Nepal has a strong track record of efficient and effective management of both long-term programmes and short-term technical assistance assignments in health and social sectors.

UK Aid from the UK government has supported Nepal’s Ministry of Health since 1997, initially through the Nepal Safer Motherhood Project (NSMP) followed by financial and technical support to successive Nepal Health Sector Programmes from 2005-16. It is committed to supporting policy development and implementation of the Nepal Health Sector Strategy to 2020.  Options has supplied TA to each of these programmes and was contracted in 2017 as consortium lead to provide technical support to the Retrofitting and Health Infrastructure Technical Assistance (RHITA) and General Health Technical Assistance (GHTA) components of Nepal’s new Health Sector Strategy. Key activity areas include health policy and systems, capacity building, disaster preparedness, essential health care services, gender equality and social inclusion, infrastructure and procurement, public financial management, monitoring, evaluation and research.
GIZ provides support for the Nepal Health Sector Strategy through its Health Sector Support Programme (HSSP), focusing on the decentralisation of health service provision and systems strengthening, social health protection and equitable health financing, and sexual and reproductive health and rights, particularly of young people. It also supports HIV prevention for injecting drug users through the Ministry of Health and NGOs. Options is currently working under contract to GIZ to ‘Improve Maternal and Newborn Health with a focus on Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care and the Referral System’ in collaboration with Management4Health.
USAID supports implementation of Nepal’s Health Sector Strategy through  a number of  projects. Options and USAID have collaborated on a wide range of initiatives over the last ten years, most recently a USAID funded family planning pilot under NHSSP/TRP and, under SSMP, a procurement supply chain analysis and further analyses of the National Demographic Health Survey. Options’ currently maintains particularly close contact with the USAID funded Health4Life project.
The United Nations Family Planning Association (UNFPA) supports the implementation of Nepal’s Health Sector Strategy under a Joint Financing Arrangement with the Ministry of Health along with pooled funding partners. UNFPA’s programme focuses on  improving the health of young people and marginalised women. In 2008, Options implemented the seminal Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Study, jointly funded by UNFPA and DFID. This exposed the high rates of suicide and gender based violence prevalent in Nepalese society which and directly led to the multi-sectoral national campaign to end gender-based violence. Under the second Nepal Health Sector Strategy, UNFPA have collaborated closely for the establishment of One Stop Crisis Management Centres, Social Service Units and Social Auditing in health facilities.
UNICEF is supporting the implementation of the Nepal Health Sector Strategy under a Joint Financing Arrangement with the Ministry of Health. Its current focus is on health and nutrition interventions targeted at disadvantaged parts of the country. UNICEF was a consortium partner under the Options-led, DFID funded, Support to the Safe Motherhood Programme (SSMP) which ran between 2005-10. Options provided technical assistance for health systems strengthening, equity and access and public financial management while UNICEF supported service strengthening at selected CEONC sites and community outreach for equitable service delivery.
The World Bank has been the principal provider of pooled funding for the implementation of successive Nepal Health Sector Programmes.  Its Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) and HIV/AIDS Project is currently enabling the government to increase access to essential health care services and their use by underserved and poor people. Over the last decade Options has collaborated closely with The World Bank in the areas of Infrastructure, Procurement, Social Auditing and Health Financing. We also contributed to the joint DFID-WB funded Gender Equality and Social Inclusion analysis and played an instrumental role in disaggregating user data in the Health Management Information System (HMIS). Options Nepal’s WASH adviser advised on the design and evaluated the first phase of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board.
ActionAid Nepal advocates for people’s right to health as one of its main areas of work. Options and ActionAid worked together under the Support to the Safe Motherhood Programme (SSMP) to pioneer the ‘Equity and Access’ approach to improving equitable access to maternal health services. This included supporting local women’s groups in socially marginalised areas to raise awareness on the benefits of using health services.

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