Health Policy, Planning and Management

We work at all levels of the health system, from developing national policies, strategies, plans and budgets to ensuring that these plans are implemented effectively and that lessons learned lead to further improvements.

Despite a decade long insurgency and a protracted period of transition to a federal democracy, Nepal has made good progress in increasing the availability of health services and improving health outcomes for its population. Under the National Health Policy 2014, the government has developed a Nepal Health Sector Strategy (2015-2020) which aims to ensure universal access to basic health care services with a focus on the poor and marginalised through improved decentralised planning and management.

Clear and realistic policies, strategies and plans are essential if the nation’s health vision is to be realised, priorities agreed and appropriate investment decisions made. These policies also need to be continually reviewed and updated in the light of achieved results, changing morbidity patterns, demographics, technologies and other factors.

In the past, Nepal has faced significant challenges translating policy into action and, as the country seeks to devolve responsibilities for health planning and management to state level, the need for a realistic policy framework is greater than ever.  

We bring expertise in health policy, planning and management at all levels of the health system.   We support the development of policy documents that can be translated into manageable strategies, guidelines and costed plans to achieve specific health goals. We do this for policies covering the whole health system and for sub-sectors such as maternal and neonatal health, gender equality and social inclusion and state non-state partnerships.

We also facilitate on-going policy dialogue between the government, development partners and technical experts to identify gaps and deliver further improvements. We advocate to ensure that the resources needed to achieve Nepal’s health goals are available and that results are monitored and evaluated. We do this by:

  • working in partnership with national health ministries and development partners to review and develop national health policies, strategic es and plans to meet key goals at both sector and sub-sector levels.  
  • strengthening human resource development and management systems to improve the recruitment, deployment, training and retention of qualified health workers
  • supporting staff at national and district levels to strengthen governance and foster joint planning, coordination and communication across departments and with other key ministries
  • supporting the allocation of resources through annual work plan and budget processes  to meet goals and the subsequent monitoring and evaluation of results achieved.

Our innovations

  • We undertook a comprehensive capacity assessment of the health policy and planning environment in Nepal and developed solutions to address major gaps found with implementation practices.
  • We reviewed the National Health Policy (1991) and supported development of the new National Health Policy (2014) and the National Health Sector Strategy (NHSS, 2015-2020) using evidence from NHSP 1 and 2.
  • We contributed to the development of the implementation plan for NHSS including costing its various activities for incorporation in annual work plans and budgets
  • We supported the development of new draft policies for Public-Private Partnerships and Urban Health Care.
  • We facilitated improvements in Aid Effectiveness supporting MoH’s Joint Annual Review process since 2011.
  • We assisted MoH to analyse the functions, assignments and structural arrangements of the new federal government system.

Key achievements include the Nepal Health Sector Strategy 2015-2020 and implementation plan which place health at the centre of national socio-economic development and harness the collective resources of government and support agencies. 

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